Nylet. Master Sailmakers. Finest Heritage 'vintage' style cotton sails explored in detail.
1932 ~ 87 years of sailmaking (including full size sails until 1966) ~ 2 generations and over 100 years of experience ~Quality First ~ Fine Products. World-wide Mail Order Service. Innovation alongside Tradition.
Makers of Model Sails to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

The oldest established professional model sailmakers in the world ~ the only professional makers of the very finest cotton sails replicating our "1930's" style ~ perfect cut and finish ~ "Quality First."
Full size sailmakers (and model sailmakers) since 1932.
This year Frank Parsons celebrates 53 years of model sailmaking.
Comprehensive sailmaking service, world-wide.

Today - Racing sails in scrim and film, Dacron sails & Heritage sewn Dacron sails. Nylet Finest 'Premium' cotton sails.
2016 - Frank Parsons marked his 50th year of model sailmaking.
1966 - Coloured Terylene racing sails.
1932 - Commencement of full size and model sailmaking.
1834 - Founding of the family firm, J.Parsons (canvas goods manufacturers).
1772 - My 4th gt grandfather, Michael, a Mercer of Bond Street, London, working with fine cloths.
1738 - My 5th gt grandfather, Michael, Goldsmith, London, making specialist miniature gold & silver items (on commission).

Using technological advances in materials coupled with innovation, expertise, and tradition over nearly 300 years to bring you the very finest model sails.

Some photos of Nylet 'vintage' style cotton sails. See more photos, click on link 'Photo Gallery', also 'Sail Gallery'.

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See photos of a "Moonbeam" rigged with Nylet Vintage style cotton sails, fully seamed.