IN DETAIL. Nylet racing yacht fittings & screws/bolts, aluminium tubing, tools - since 1967. The range of fittings include specialist parts such as ballraced kickers.

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Nylet quality model racing yacht fittings since 1967. Fine Products - 65 years of fast world-wide mail order.
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Large range of mast & deck fittings for racing yachts, including mast & deck packs and individual items such as rigging screws, bowsies, chain plates, deck eyes, spreader sets and kicking straps, etc. as well as a large selection of st.steel & brass screws & wires and cordage/lines. We offer a quick turnaround on orders thanks to our high stock levels. Please be aware that the fittings we list are those that are currently in production. Deck fitting packs also available for 36 inch, One Metre (IOM) and for the Marblehead class (M-class).
Information - most fittings are ready to go - however, circular bowsies require the 3 holes drilling, and the single ended rigging screws require the wire end bending into a hook.
Apart from our large range of fittings other items include accessories such as tools, drill bits, rig bags, c.f. keel fins and bow bumpers for Nylet yachts.
WHATS NEW - Aluminium tubing for masts & booms - 11.1mm tubing also available in 7075 quality (stiffer & thinner wall). Black anodised finish is available at small extra cost to most tubing.
Cordage (section E2). We offer lines in Polyester, Dacron, Dyneema and Dyneema/Poly. Braided lines are described by diameter and/or breaking strain in kilos or pounds (lb). Our range has been increased and now offers more types/weights of cord (otherwise called 'line') to cater for every type/size of yacht and use. Also good for standing rigging in the case of smaller yachts up to around 500 to 750mm length (utilising bowsies for adjustment) should you prefer not to use wire. Weight of line is expressed in breaking strain (B.S.). 36 inch and One Metre yachts - use 16KG cord for lesser lines such as jib leech lines, 50/65 lb or 20KG for running winch lines, sail (sheeting) control and backstay. Marbleheads use 50/65 lb/20KG. For Ten Rater and larger 80lb is used, and for A-class and ketches at and over 1.5 metres length then we recommend you use the Dyneema 70KG BS for winch and all other sheeting lines etc. Dyneema/Poly is light green colour and is easily half the diameter of Dacron, it is virtually nil stretch and is free running. Other lines are white colour, some Dacron lines are described as "Greenspot" and have a green fleck. See section E2 in our product/price list.
WIRE. Flexible 7 strand stainless steel Nylon covered. This wire is very easy to use and also far less hassle at the pond side compared to the single strand stainless as when you de-rig the (stranded) wire it simply hangs limply. Generally the 50lb B.S. wire is used for rigging 36 inch, One Metre and M-class yachts. The heavier 80lb is ideal for Ten Rater and 6 Metre size boats, and the 100lb and 150lb for A class and larger. The 30lb B.S. wire we suggest for smaller yachts around 500 to 700mm length. There are suitable ferrules available for every size of wire (part no N021.xx).
Screws, nuts, bolts etc. We now offer double the range of brass screws, thats good news for the vintage yacht restorer! Screws are stocked in stainless steel, and brass, as well as brass in nickel plated finish; also washers, nuts, self tappers, etc.
About our fittings: products are our own manufacture, others by Peter Wiles, some are EC manufacture.
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Please be aware that specifications can vary at any time depending upon new stocks.

A note about our sail eyelets: these are brass and are nickel plated, except the N050.0 which are not plated. We are sometimes asked about setting tools, and regret we do not sell tooling. We do however suggest an engineers centre pop for the small 1/16" diam. eyelets, that method will make an acceptable job. Tooling (hardened steel) - we can say that the last set we bought (for our own use) was £70 the pair, and you still need a vertical press in which to seat them. One problem is that due to the small size of the eyelets the tools have to be in complete register. We use professional bench mounted vertical pillar presses; our other press is treadle operated and dates back to 1967! Draper setting pliers can be found online, however we have found that the die set is slightly larger diameter and as a consequence the job is not 100% satisfactory, they usually come with a bundle of eyelets which are unfortunately of steel so they will rust.
Rigging a model yacht? See the (updated) BB3 Nylet booklet which may well answer your questions.
Nylet mast & boom material (also available in 7075 quality).
Circular drawn aluminium tubing is silver or black anodised finish. An exception is 5/16" drawn tubing which is only available black anodised. 11.1mm tubing is also offered with thinner wall in hard 7075 alloy; this tubing is stiffer and lighter which is useful for no.1 rigs particularly; see the price list section L.
All tubing up to 2 metres length are sent via carrier fully insured in the UK, and packed in a strong plastic tube/pipe. Note that tubing can be cut down (if you wish) to 1 metre or 1.2 metres to lower the carriage charge in UK. Joining masts with a joiner piece, however, is only satisfactory towards one end of the mast. For consignments via carrier you should ensure that you are present to receive the consignment, or advise an alternative address to despatch to (such as your place of work, or acceptance by a neighbour). We will try to deliver on a day to suit you.
Aluminium tubing sent ABROAD - the maximum length by air parcel post is 1 metre; if it is more economic the parcel will be routed via air freight/carrier. Tubing in longer lengths than one metre (and sail rigs) have to be routed via air freight and we will be pleased to quote you on receipt of your requirements (see the postage/freight rates page for approximate costs).
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To convert lbs (imperial pounds) to kilos simply multiply by 0.45
A little background history! The UK Weights and Measures Act of 1878 first defined the imperial pound in terms of metric units (1lb = 453.59265 grams).
Wire size ready reckoner. Standard wire gauges (swg) are quite different to screw gauge measurements, an approximate ready reckoner is appended below for those customers who are more familiar with swg measurements -
16swg = 1.6mm; 18swg = 1.2mm; 20swg = 0.9mm; 22swg = 0.71mm; 24swg = 0.56mm.
To convert the screw sizes in our price list from inches (imperial) to millimetres (metric) simply multiply the imperial size by 25.4 to attain the dimension in metric.
Useful conversions - Some screw diameters are referred to in "gauge" sizes.
2 gauge (2g) = 2.16mm approx
4g = 2.83mm approx
Useful tubing measurement conversions (for dimensions of tubing offered please see price list).
5/32" / 3.97mm
5/16" / 0.3125" / 7.9mm
3/8" / 0.375" / 9.5mm
0.393" / 10mm
7/16" / 0.4375" / 11.1mm
1/2" / 0.5" / 12.7mm
0.57" / 14.5mm
5/8" / 0.625" / 15.87mm

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Some customer comments.
The goods arrived this morning at 0930; to the remotest part of Wales in 17 hours from time of order is remarkable service, many thanks. Gwynedd
Order received today, many thanks for your attentive service and excellent quality items. John, Bromsgrove
Hello Frank, received all items today, as usual, exceptional service from yourself and team. Can I place another order please. Blyth, Northumberland.
Nylet fittings are on my Squiggle (sail number 90) built by Bill Curtis in Falmouth, on the green Chinese E Class boat and on the red & blue Chinese IOMs which until recently I owned. I have sold both these boats to Chinese guys in Shanghai so your fittings are now being used by 3 Chinese boats, plus me! Ian Holt, China.
Items received safely, many thanks for your fast response and excellent products. Keith, Leicester.
Parcel arrived this morning, really superb service, thanks a lot. Peter, Malta.
Hi Frank, great news, great service, must admit I did go to another firm and emailed them twice and phoned three times with no reply, only emailed you once and made an order, very well done. Ian from Norfolk.
Placing an order on Monday and getting the goods on Tuesday is what I call incredible service!! Don from Shrewsbury.
The items I have already ordered from you are amazing quality, especially the rigging screws with their L/R thread, I had no idea such things could be bought. Brilliant. Paul, Norfolk.
Safely received! Thanks for the great service. Scott, Sussex.

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This is just one of some 35 pages on our website. 

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