Nylet - THE Master Sailmakers creating fine racing class yacht sails, replacement kit sails (and other sails).
The longest established professional model sailmakers in the world ~ 87 years. 'Quality First.'
Comprehensive sailmaking service, world-wide mail order since 1958.
At Nylet we don't just 'make' sails, we create sails, we breathe life into the sailcloth in order that they might be filled and shaped by the wind.
A yacht's sails are its only 'engine' - so fit the best, don't settle for less.
Please refer to our price list (over 600 items listed). More sails in our "150 sails" list.

1834 - Founding of the family firm of J.Parsons
1917 - My father sailed his boyhood yacht on Hove Lagoon
1932 - Commencement of full size sailmaking, sails for ocean going racing yachts (& Contractors to the Admiralty), also Fine Model sails in Egyptian cotton
1954 - I sailed my boyhood yacht (made by my father and with our sails) on Hove Lagoon
1966 - Coloured Terylene Nylet sails
2016 - Frank Parsons marked his 50th year of model sailmaking!
2019 - 103 (combined) years of experience!

Nylet IOM racing sails in racing scrim, white Dacron, and Mylar film. Also replacement kit sails; Classic Varnished Terylene sails, also "Heritage" 1960's style sewn white Dacron sails, which are made exclusively by Nylet.
Any size sails, of any type, made to your drawings or templates.
Also Premium 'Vintage' style cotton sails (page accessed via the drop down list).
Makers of model sails to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

Nylet. Fine Products - Quality First.

Photos of some Nylet class racing sails, replacement kit sails, and cruising sails. Also see both"sail gallery" pages.

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