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First sold in 2014, a tried and tested series of two sail winches, reliable, powerful and economical on battery power. Manufactured by PJ Sails and designed to suit yachts in two size ranges. The W01 winch suits R36 and One Metre yachts. The W02 is for Marblehead (M-class 50/800), Ten Rater, 6M & A class yachts. Economic battery consumption.
Simply plug the unit into the receiver as you would a rudder servo and use the transmitter atv's to adjust the travel.
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W01: size 41 x 20 x 37; weight (excluding drum) 66 grams; wt drum 14gm; drum dia. *51mm. 3 turns; voltage 6v - 7.2v max. Speed at 6v 0.9 sec per revolution; speed at 7.2v 0.6 sec/rev. Torque 20kg at 1cm.

W02: size 41 x 20 x 46; wt (excluding drum) 79 grams; drum dia. *67mm; circ. 190mm. Max turns 3+; Voltage 6v - 7.2v max. Speed at 6v 0.8 sec/rev.; speed at 7.2v 0.6/rev. Torque 36kg at 1cm.

Note: * Diameter of drum provided may vary to specs noted above.
Specifications may vary due to updates/improvements/redesign.

Units fitted with a JR type plug.
The W01 is pictured via the clickable link/yellow button.

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