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Welcome to the 2018 Nylet website: everything for the model yachtsman. World-wide Mail Order Service since 1958.

EVERYTHING FOR THE MODEL YACHTSMAN. "Quality First". World-wide mail order (since 1958).
Creating the Very Finest SAILS. Any sail suit made to order, IOM sail rig kits. Quick despatch from stock of large range of mast & deck fittings, aluminium tubing (incl 7075), wires & cordage, screws, tools, booklets & other quality products for model yachts (see price list, 600+ items). Nylet sails with "wind catching" shape - designed to enable your yacht to respond to every wind condition, sails you can be proud of to compliment your yacht.
Cross-reference listings of fittings in section 3 of our price list with the "fittings & photos" page.
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  • Product & price list

    PRICE LIST - your first stop - over 600 items (fully searchable pdf file).

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  • Quick guide to Sails

    IOM, M-class, Ten Rater & other sails. Replacement kit sails - Fairwind, Voyager 2, Northwind, Seawind (over 150 other sails available).

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  • Our Sailmaking Service in detail

    Creating the Finest Sails for - IOM class in scrim, Mylar film, and Dacron. Any sails made to your sizes. Give your yacht a turn of speed with our wind catching sails.read more

  • Fine 'Vintage' style cotton sails

    Creating the Finest Sails for Vintage & pond model yachts, Nylet cotton sails are specially made to order.

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  • IOM rig carry bags & yacht stands, IOM carbon-fibre fin sets, ballast.

    Sail rig carry/stowage bags; scissor wooden yacht stands for IOM; lead ballast; high quality c.f. fins/rudders.

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  • Nylet 'How To' booklets & books

    A range of 'How to' booklets, also books on sailing & building model yachts.

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  • Rig & deck fittings, wires etc.

    Large range of quality rig & deck fittings, cordage, wires, stainless steel screws & nuts, brass wood screws, tools, etc.

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  • IOM yacht kits

    IOM class racing yacht kits, SPIRIT 3.

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  • Vintage yacht restoration

    Your vintage model yacht can be carefully restored in our workshop.

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  • Mast & boom tubing

    Range of aluminium mast & boom tubing (incl 7075 ali).

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  • Yacht sail winches

    Sail winches to suit 36 inch, IOM, Marblehead, 6M & A-class.

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