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Welcome to the 2024 Nylet website: everything for the model yachtsman. World-wide Mail Order Service since 1958.

Established 1932. 92 Years since our Firm's founding Ethos "Fine Products, Quality First".
NYLET Racing Sails are used the world over.
Makers of Model Sails to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.
Sails made by Special Commission for Collectors & Museums.
Every sail suit carefully made to your special order either in synthetic sailcloth, or for the Vintage or Classic yacht we make fine sails in cotton.
Large range of yacht FITTINGS, wires, screws, tools etc.
Our Fast World-wide Mail Order Service (since 1958) is OPEN for business.
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Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you will find our product listings useful. IOM Sail Rig kits, plus other Class Rig kits. Replacement kit sails such as Fairwind, Seawind, Victoria, etc. Sails made for 200 different designs (see the "150 sails" list) and which include the classic - Vic Smeed's Starlet and Star Baby, also Wild Duck (plan sold by Sarik Hobbies) and the recent Eventide. Prompt despatch from stock of large range of mast & deck fittings, aluminium tubing (incl stiffer 7075), wires & cordage, screws, tools, booklets & other quality products for model yachts, see price list (over 500 items). Nylet racing sails with our "wind catching" shape - all sails cut specially to order and designed to enable your yacht to respond to varying *wind conditions, sails you can be proud of to compliment your model racing or cruising yacht. The very finest cotton sails manufactured for sailing yachts and display models. Sails with wind catching shape and that extra sparkle.
Cross-reference listings of fittings in section E of our price list with the online "fittings & photos" page.
Full size Sailmakers and Contractors to the Admiralty 1932-1966.
1772. Silk Mercers established in High Holborn, London - 8 generations - 252 years of working with fine cloths.
Model & miniature makers spanning 4 centuries and 12 generations, with an example of our early 18th century work held in the British Museum, London.
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  • Product & price list

    PRICE LIST - your first stop - approx. 500 items (fully searchable pdf file).

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  • Quick guide to Sails

    IOM, M-class, Ten Rater & other sails. Replacement kit sails - Fairwind, Voyager 2, Victoria, Seawind (over 150 other standard sail suits available).

    read more
  • Our Sailmaking Service in detail

    Creating the Finest Sails for - IOM in scrim, Mylar film, and Dacron. Any sails made to your sizes. Give your yacht a turn of speed with our wind catching sails.read more

  • Fine 'Vintage' style cotton sails

    Creating the Finest Sails for Vintage & pond model yachts, Nylet cotton sails are specially made to order.

    read more
  • IOM rig carry bags & IOM carbon-fibre fin sets, ballast.

    Sail rig carry/stowage bags; lead ballast; high quality c.f. fins/rudders.

    read more
  • Nylet 'How To' booklets

    A range of 'How to' booklets, the BB3 aspects of fitting out model yachts.

    read more
  • Rig & deck fittings, wires etc.

    Prompt despatch on our large range of quality rig & deck fittings (see photos), cordage, wires, stainless steel screws & nuts, brass wood screws, tools, etc.

    read more
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  • Vintage yacht restoration

    Your vintage model yacht can be carefully restored in our workshop.

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  • Mast & boom tubing

    Range of aluminium mast & boom tubing (incl 7075 grade).

    read more
  • Yacht sail winches

    Sail winches to suit 36 inch, IOM, Marblehead, 6M, 10R & A-class.

    read more

Nylet. Master Sailmakers - Quality First. Established 1932. Click the "contact us" button to email your enquiry and for phone numbers/email/business hours & other/holiday dates.

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